Baltic Moor explained in very pragmatic manner, with factual, first in-hand practical experience along with calculations.

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The main concept is of approaching the berth without any assistance of tug, during strong onshore winds in a controlled manner laterally.


Where the Master & Pilot decide of rigging up the tackle on offshore side (windward side), with anchor and a strong wire rope lead from poop deck.


The tackle is rigged to the offshore anchor's "ganger length" and there after a controlled manoeuvre was carried out, after aligning the vessel parallel to berth, prior to approaching.


All above has been explained in a very pragmatic manner, with factual, first in-hand practical experience along with calculations.


I'm sure once the candidate watches it, she /he, will not have any doubt thereafter on the subject matter.


However your feedback and queries have always been appreciated, as a food for thought for me to facilitate the cause, which can help you even especially, newly promoted Masters, C/O lined up for command as well as ASM candidates as far as their oral examination/viva is concerned.

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  • Learning Baltic Moor

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Baltic Moor

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