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Presentation of an exclusive insight  of " Mediterranean Mooring " ( also termed as MED- Moor) all based on Self's Practical Knowledge  Experience of Ship Handling  & Manoeuvring techniques.   Which have been demonstrated with a proven Track records along with angle of Appraoch , since the Med-Moor,is carried out Mainly Mooring the Vessel Perpendicular to the wharf , used for Carcarriers and Tankers , with in constarints & Scarcity of  Mooring space , Draft and Depth , as well as in the Proximity of the Navigational hazards .Therefore Pre-Approach Riskassessment is carried out in Concurrence with a specific and Factual Approach/Mooring  plan.   However Criticality of the operations lie especially, for tankers and unique Approach is to be carried out ,for not only Coming Perpendicular to the Wharf but at the same time ensuring with calculations as far as the Positive Identification of Hose Connection Locations are concerned , with Respect to the Vessel's Beam and L.O.A ,  & same are to be ascertained in advance prior to the execution of  Manoeuvre .

Capt Puneet Malhotra

INR 1064

Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Marking

This course is for all personnel handling or dealing with Dangerous Cargo under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. This part of the course covers the ‘Marking and Labelling’ of Dangerous goods, as required by the Regulations and sensitises every operator of the package contents, which will ensure them to handle goods appropriately for Safety and Health Purposes.

Sachin Sikka


Medical First Aid for Ships -

This course is for All Seafarers enabling them to respond quickly to medical emergencies on board. It’s a simple guide to providing First Aid to a casualty without causing any harm to the victim before any medical assistance is received. While it is important to know the Do's of handling a medical emergency, it is more important to understand the Don'ts so that the situation does not worsen. 

Dr Deepanjali Alok


Port Workers : Sampling of an

Sampling is an integral part of Cargo Survey onboard Oil Tankers. Since Oil Tankers carry Dangerous Cargoes with presence of highly toxic gases, the cargo sampling procedure is a job of a specialist. This course is a guidance to All Ship surveyors on the process of Cargo Sampling and includes all Safety precautions one must follow onboard while Sampling. It also includes the DOs & DONTs of Sampling onboard an Oil Tanker Ship. 

Sachin Sikka


Stripping Pump Operation of an

After this course, you will be able to confidently handle the critical operation of Oil Tanker final stripping stage with ease. The course will take you step-by-step from basics to the complete information about Stripping Pump. This learning is specifically designed for “Reciprocating Pump” onboard Oil Tankers and for illustrations, a particular type is used.

Capt Arjun Singh Kalra




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