Berthing of a RORO / CAR CARRIER - Excessive Windage Area

How to berth the Car Carrier /RORO , experiencing Onshore winds ( On her Starboard side ) with use of Starboard Anch

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Course Overview

Dear All ,
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Moreover this Particular Lecture , Besides my regular Audiences has also been Requested by the Reputed Companies to impart such Knowledge .
Please note Vessels like car carriers and or RORO have very high windage area as well as have GM problems in laden as well as in Ballast condition.
In our Lecture No -19 we have Explained in details of How to berth the Car Carrier /RORO , experiencing Onshore winds ( On her Starboard side )  with use of Starboard  Anchor .
 All the Maneuvers along with calculation of windage area in a graphical presentation have been detailed Accordingly ,along with the Approach area and all Critical Aspects have been explained in a comprehensive manner .
Please do send us your feedback , which most certainly is very much required to customize and improvise the next lecture catering

What are the requirements?

  • An account on
  • Basics of Berthing operations

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Berthing RORO / Car Carrier with excessive Windage Area

What is the target audience?

  • Shipboard Officers
  • Pilots
  • Master
  • Promotable Chief Officers

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Course Curriculum

Berthing of a RORO/CAR CARRIER

  • Step by Step procedure to Berth a RORO / CAR CARRIER


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